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Hey friends, Are you looking for the best Roblox Pet Simulator X Scripts? If your answer is YES, then you have come to the right place.

Our free script for Pet Simulator X will help you do auto farming in the game and by using this feature you will be able to do all tasks without even touching or pressing any key on your keyboard.

Another feature of this free Pet Simulator X Script is that it can collect all the resources on the map automatically, allowing you to hatch legendary and mythical pets which then will grant you with more resource boost and currencies.

Roblox Pet Simulator X is an immersive and engaging game that transports players into a vibrant world filled with adorable pets, exciting quests, and countless opportunities for exploration. In this captivating game, players can collect, trade, and upgrade a wide variety of unique pets, each with their own special abilities and characteristics.

Considering this, we’ve collected a list of the best scripts for Pet Simulator X, which you can use immediately.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Features of Pet Simulator X Script

  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Resource Farm
  • Auto Collect
  • Auto Canon
  • WalkSpeed
  • Teleport Locations
  • Hatch Pets
  • Free to use
  • And More
Pet Simulator X Script

Best Pet Simulator X Script List

Here is the list of active Roblox Pet Simulator X Hack & Scripts you can use immediately.

Script #1 by Hechart#3558


Script #2 by zakhar#3738


Script #3 by NexHub


Script #4 by CloudHub


Script #5 SynapseHub


Script #6 by fikop#5900

while task.wait() do
for i,v in pairs(game:GetService("Workspace")["__THINGS"].Orbs:GetChildren()) do
    v.CFrame = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame
for i,v in pairs(game:GetService("Workspace")["__THINGS"].Lootbags:GetChildren()) do
    v.CFrame = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame

Pet Simulator X Script is good for short-duration usage, so execute them in the game fast. We continue to search for new scripts, so coming back to this page often makes sense.

We want to inform you that all the mentioned scripts are not detected. We check them before sharing them on our site, so you can confidently use our scripts without concerns.

How to Execute Pet Simulator X Script?

You must understand the correct steps to Execute the script and get the most from it. Here are the steps to run scripts for Pet Simulator X:

  1. Ensure you have an exploit or Roblox Executor.
  2. Start the Pet Simulator X game.
  3. Open your Executor/Exploit.
  4. Copy and paste the Pet Simulator X Script from the provided list.
  5. Press Execute or Inject.

Note: Please take any of the given Roblox Scripts from the list above, put them in the box, and press the Execute/Inject button.

Recommended Executors:

If you need to find a Roblox executor for your working Pet Simulator X script, take a look at this list:

  • Shadow X
  • Synapse X
  • KRNL
  • JJSploit
  • Script Ware
  • Viper X

By choosing one of the listed Roblox executors, you can run the script and enjoy a more straightforward game mode of Pet Simulator X.

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Pet Simulator X Script FAQs

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Roblox Pet Simulator X Scripts.

Are scripts safe to use?

A: Yes, these Roblox scripts are tested and safe to use. Remember, the creators and providers of these scripts aren’t accountable for any issues that might occur during their use.

To prevent any loss, use a new account when running the script.

How frequently are these scripts updated?

A: We regularly update this script list to match the game’s newest version. Additionally, you can visit Pastebin or v3rmillion websites for the latest updates.

We wish you a great time using these Pet Simulator X scripts in your game. If you need specific scripts, please leave a request in the comments section below.

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